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HTML5 Adventure Project

This is my first attempt at essentially creating a "Choose Your Own Adventure" style web application. This isn't meant to be anything new or groundbreaking. Just a personal project.

Cover of the first Choose Your Own Adventure book, The Cave of Time

Cover of the first Choose Your Own adventure book, The Cave of Time

Overall Design Plan

The first version of this app will be a basic state machine, similar to the classic "Choose Your Own Adventure" books first published in 1979. Each node will be rendered as an individual HTML page and have connections (selectable hyperlinks) to other node pages, eventually leading to an end node. It is expected to utilize exclusively HTML5/CSS3 and be built with responsive web design features, allowing for proper display on computer or mobile.

The second version of this app will implement HTML5 web storage (localStorage) in order to record certain data. The intent is to allow certain options or text to be displayed or not displayed based on choices made earlier in the progression. For example, a certain node may have a selectable hyperlink that is only displayed if a specific other chocie was made earlier.